San Antonio Spurs fans hilariously roast a common enemy on Twitter

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Tim Duncan Tony Parker / ROBYN BECK/Getty Images

One thing is certain about San Antonio Spurs fans: They're a petty bunch. Whenever they feel disrespected, they'll let you know about it. If that disrespect ends up turning into a freezing cold take, then no one is safe. On Tuesday afternoon, #SpursTwitter showed up in waves to make it clear that bad takes about the Silver and Black aren't safe -- even seven years later.

It all started when an old tweet from the @ESPNNBA account resurfaced and began circling around Spurs Twitter like chum to piranhas.

Of course, the quote stemmed from a 2014 postgame interview with Tim Duncan after the Spurs advanced past the Oklahoma City Thunder to reach the NBA Finals. It was one of the rare times Duncan said anything that could be considered "trash talk", and it remains one of my favorite Tim Duncan quotes ever.

I'm not sure who originally resurfaced the tweet, but as you'd expect, there were several comments from people who disagreed with Duncan's declaration soon after the tweet went up. Naturally, the roasting began.

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Some were expertly executed with just three words.

Others only required one:

@TbirdTr3y_10 continued representing peak petty Spurs Twitter brilliantly with this response to an unnecessarily angry commenter.

Even a simple gif was enough to put some people with bad takes in their place:

The comments came fast and furious, with some users resorting to deleting their old tweets to save them from further embarrassment. The image in this response pretty much summed up my mood when going through the responses.

The San Antonio Spurs didn't just win, they dominated

As we all know, Tim Duncan made good on his promise to Spurs fans, averaging 15.4 points and 10.0 rebounds per game at the age of 37 to help close out the Miami Heat in five games. Suffering just one two-point loss in the NBA Finals, they won the other four by an average margin of 18 points.

San Antonio also set a record for best field goal percentage (75.8) in a half of an NBA Finals game and an overall record for biggest point differential in a playoff run.

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Come at Spurs fans with your takes as you dare, but just know you might be in for eating crow -- even seven years later.