Spurs: Ranking Top 5 free agents from Texas NBA teams

San Antonio Spurs DeMar DeRozan
San Antonio Spurs DeMar DeRozan / Justin Ford/Getty Images
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The San Antonio Spurs are far and away the most successful NBA franchise from Texas, but their reign of dominance is no longer. Gregg Popovich's squad hasn't finished with the best record among the three teams since 2016-17 when San Antonio won 61 games after winning 67 the year prior.

With one of the league's best players in Luka Doncic now in Dallas, the Mavericks are likely to continue being playoff locks for the foreseeable future. The Rockets and Spurs, however, have some work to do.

With seven free agents to make decisions on this summer, San Antonio will have to balance team needs with available cash to maximize impact on a roster in desperate need of changes. Meanwhile, the Mavericks will have eight free agents while the Houston Rockets will have nine.

While it'll be a tall task, there's a way we can see all three Lone Star State squads in the same postseason in the next few years, something that hasn't happened in the last five. Much of that will have to do with how each team manages their current rosters and improves through NBA Draft and free agency opportunities.

While the Spurs have undoubtedly botched some free agent situations in the past, they'll have a big decision to make on one of the biggest names hitting the market this offseason. In addition to him, here are the other Texas-sized names that other teams will certainly have an eye on this summer.