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Spurs: The Top 10 guys Tim Duncan dominated in his NBA career

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As the San Antonio Spurs' anchor for 19 seasons, Tim Duncan established an insane win percentage of 66.8 with playoffs and regular seasons combined. That included a staggering 71 percent regular-season mark. The Big Fundamental also retired with a winning record against every team in the NBA.

With statistics like those, there's bound to be an extensive list of victims that were legends in their own right during Duncan's dominant run. To tip off Tim Duncan Week, which will feature extended articles on his career every day through his Hall of Fame induction on May 15th, I researched some of his most lopsided battles.

For this list, my criteria is a combination of the quality of each opponent and the dominance in Tim's record against them. This means I don't necessarily think a player in the third spot is better than the one in the sixth slot, but in analyzing both opponent and record, the record against number three was more impressive than that of number six.

With all that said, I'll begin with two honorable mentions who narrowly missed the cut: LeBron James and Rasheed Wallace. In LeBron's case, his greatness as a player deserves mention, but Duncan's record of 21-15 all-time against James isn't quite dominant enough to secure a top-10 spot.

Tim's 29-20 record against Rasheed Wallace is a bit more lopsided and the two shared an epic NBA Finals stage in 2005, but he also didn't quite make the cut due to most of the list being full of Hall of Famers. Let's jump into number 10, featuring another guy the Spurs faced in those Finals.