San Antonio Spurs Rumors: Of course Murray and White are 'gettable', but does that mean much?

San Antonio Spurs Dejounte Murray Derrick White
San Antonio Spurs Dejounte Murray Derrick White / Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

As we near the most exciting part of the NBA offseason, the San Antonio Spurs are being featured in rumors and rumblings seemingly more than ever before. This shouldn't be entirely surprising. After two underwhelming seasons and plenty of potential moves up their sleeves this offseason, the Spurs deserve to be one of the most talked-about teams of the summer.

Whether it's calling out horrible trade proposals or giving our readers a guide to avoid falling for fake news traps, we here at Air Alamo have been pretty forward in our criticism of shall we say, questionable, coverage of the Spurs. But even when legitimate stories come out about the team we cover, that doesn't mean fans need to react as if the sky was falling.

Yesterday, The Athletic's Zach Harper put out an article covering the upcoming NBA Draft and potential deals that could influence it. In it, he included a note on Spurs guards Dejounte Murray and Derrick White.

"“The Spurs have to figure out where they want to be as a franchise and what their plan is moving forward. They’re kind of stuck in the middle right now. Murray and Derrick White could both be gettable, according to league sources.”"

Zach Harper, The Athletic

Spurs fans reactions to the report were mixed. Some took a level-headed approach, recognizing that this isn't really surprising news. The Spurs are stuck in the middle right now and they should be exploring every possible avenue that gets them back to title contention. Others unsurprisingly overreacted. I saw one fan say that the Spurs should absolutely trade trade Murray because they have Tre Jones waiting in the wings. To this fan I simply ask, are you okay?

First and foremost, referring to a player as "gettable" shouldn't be taken as an indication that a trade is imminent or that the Spurs are actively shopping either one of their lead guards. Outside of the creme de la creme of the league, almost every player in the NBA is "gettable". It just comes down to cost.

What would it take for the San Antonio Spurs to part with their star guards?

So what would it take to pluck Murray or White away from the Spurs? At this point, it's hard to say. They could be looking to package one of the two with their 12th overall pick in the upcoming draft to move up to take a top-five player. Detroit and Houston seem to be locked in on taking Cade Cunningham and Jalen Green with the top two picks. But after that, things get interesting.

The Cleveland Cavaliers don't need a guard so they're likely not a trade partner for San Antonio, but what about Toronto or Orlando? Both teams need guard help and if they feel like moving back in the draft and picking up an established player like Murray or White is worth the swap, there could be a deal to be made. That could free up San Antonio to take someone like Jalen Suggs or Scottie Barnes.

Harper is a legitimate source, so this report should be treated with some level of seriousness. But that doesn't mean that Spurs fans should expect Murray or White to be leaving San Antonio any time soon. As it's been with almost every Spurs rumor in the past few years, I'll believe it's true when I see it happen.

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Until then, expect Murray and White to be leading the Spurs backcourt when the regular season tips off.