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San Antonio Spurs: This awful Ben Simmons trade idea must be shamed

Ben Simmons, Dejounte Murray
Ben Simmons, Dejounte Murray / Mitchell Leff/Getty Images
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In my time writing about the San Antonio Spurs, sometimes I struggle to come up with ideas for content. It comes with the gig. I mean, how much can there be to write about one team almost every day, especially during uneventful offseasons, which are frequent with this team? It's during those times where the test of keeping the true integrity of sports journalism versus the need for content and clicks comes into play.

If you've followed my writing for a while, you know by now I don't venture into speculative trades very often. The biggest reason? The Spurs simply don't make them. I don't find it very productive to come up with "three trades for Damian Lillard" (no matter how badly I'd like that to happen) because it's not going to.

While I know that trade content almost always skyrockets with views, I prefer quality of content over cheap tactics for views from casual Spurs fans.

Unfortunately, some other outlets don't have that mindset.

On Friday, I came across the most ridiculous trade proposal I've ever seen in my life. It came courtesy of, complete with a photoshopped picture of Ben Simmons in a black Spurs jersey.

Before I jump into the proposed trade, I must give you a warning: Viewer discretion is advised.