Ranking Top 3 San Antonio Spurs by All-Star potential

Keldon Johnson
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San Antonio Spurs
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3. Tre Jones

Hear me out, please. On a winning team, there is no reason a playmaking, ball-dominant, facilitating, non-scoring point guard cannot make the All-Star game. John Stockton did it. Steven Nash, Jason Kidd, and Chris Paul all did as well. Even Jrue Holiday made one.

There are a lot of factors at stake. First, Tre Jones has to crack the starting lineup. If the point Primo experiment fails, this is a no-brainer. He does not turn the ball over, ever. He plays good defense and he has the best court vision in the league. If he can cobble together a 14-point per game season or better, I really do think this is possible. 

Of course, if the Spurs are losers for 15 years, this won’t happen. The franchise needs to be good and Jones needs to be at the center of it. He needs to come close to leading the league in assists and play at an All-Defensive level. Is it a long shot? Yup, but he might be the best option the Spurs have at the moment.

San Antonio Spurs
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2. Keldon Johnson

Unless Keldon Johnson’s 3-point scoring takes a strong dip as his career goes on, I think the odds of him making an All-Star game at some point are high. In fact, I would bet money on it. He’ll be the centerpiece for most opposing defenses, but if he can power through and be the best player on the team, there’s no reason for his name to not be mentioned when the Spurs get good again.

Apparently, the organization has some faith in him. His new contract suggests that the front office thinks he can be the franchise player moving forward, and with how well he’s advanced every year, I think that’s a good call. Don’t expect him to play at this level in 2023, but when the Spurs put the pieces around him, I think he’ll get there eventually. 

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