Spurs: Comprehensive list of future draft picks is astounding

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If you're the instant gratification type, you might not be a happy San Antonio Spurs fan for the next year or two. If you're the patient type you should be ecstatic.

With their latest blockbuster deal of Dejounte Murray to the Atlanta Hawks, San Antonio added three more first-round picks, with two of them being unprotected. They also added a 2026 pick swap to their collection.

Now that Gregg Popovich's squad is facing a bottom-six finish in the NBA (and likely lower) this season, their rapid accumulation of picks will start paying off next offseason and beyond, and their drafting prowess will be put to the ultimate test throughout the 2020s.

Here's all the information you need to know about the Spurs' picks through the next six years.

Comprehensive list of all Spurs' draft picks through 2028


  • Own 1st
  • 1st via CHA (top-16 protected, converts to lottery-protected in 2024 & 2025 if not conveyed)
  • Own 2nd (unless pick lands between 56-60)


  • Own 1st
  • Own 2nd
  • (2nd via LAL traded to Grizzlies)


  • Own 1st
  • 1st via CHI (Top-10 protected)
  • 1st via ATL
  • Own 2nd
  • 2nd via CHI


  • Own 1st (can swap with ATL)
  • Own 2nd (can swap with less favorable of IND, MIA picks)


  • Own 1st
  • 1st via ATL
  • 2nd (least favorable pick between OKC, HOU, IND, and MIA)


  • Own 1st (can swap with Boston if pick isn't #1)
  • Own 2nd
  • 2nd via DEN (if picks falls between 34-60)

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The San Antonio Spurs are going to have to hope they can find their next superstar in the draft if they're unable to find one in free agency or develop one themselves. The good news is they'll have plenty of opportunities to do just that.