Dejounte's comments turns him from beloved into villain overnight

Dejounte Murray
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"Thank you Dejounte, for embodying what it means to be a Spur," read the San Antonio Spurs' official Instagram post in their thank you to the departing All-Star. "I Love You Forever," replied Dejounte Murray in his familiar yet unconventional way of capitalizing every word in a sentence.

It was one of many cordial, respectful exchanges between the organization and its star that occurred in the 24 days since the Spurs decided to dive head-first into a rebuild by dealing their cornerstone. Of course, that's to be expected, as San Antonio has frequently made it a point to part amicably with their players, assuming an uncle doesn't interfere.

"They just want the best for Dejounte," said Murray to ESPN in a recent interview after the trade. "That's something you got to respect. At the end of the day, that's the Spurs organization. They're first class."

It was a nice couple of weeks of mutual respect after a trade that rocked the entire Spurs community, myself included. The day the trade was announced, my entire Air Alamo chat group spent the evening reminiscing, regretting, and wishing things had gone differently. We talked about the dark days ahead yet still had to get over it quickly and look forward to the rarest of rebuilds in San Antonio, hoping it'll be quick and relatively painless.

Dejounte Murray takes the bait from a random internet troll

Then, an internet troll decided to do what they do best and ruin everything -- at least, in the eyes of some Spurs fans. In an Instagram post from Murray saying farewell to the Spurs and their fans, a faceless user commented: "Good luck getting to the 2nd round. At least we got the picks, and we're building around Keldon." Of course, I added some punctuation because, well, it's a comments section.

In response, Murray appeared to take a shot at the Spurs' well-established system in San Antonio. "The way that system is set up, you're going to be losing for the next 15 years! The problem is bigger than basketball," answered Dejounte. Again, the quote was very much cleaned up by me grammatically.

Upon first coming across the quote, I was so convinced it was fake that I only did minimal research before claiming the entire thing was a fraud on Twitter. Within minutes, I was swiftly corrected and deleted my tweet. Lesson learned. I guess I just really didn't want to believe Murray had decided to go there so unnecessarily.

It took me about 45 minutes to track down the original comments so I could verify them with my own eyes, but I eventually did:

After the jump, I get into why Spurs fans have the right to take this personally.