Ranking the free agents who may take a pay cut to sign with the Spurs

There will be quality free-agent options for the Spurs to look at soon; it is a matter if they are willing to take less money to join Victor Wembanyama and company.
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3. Tobias Harris

Tobias Harris has put together a solid NBA career over the years, providing consistent production year after year. However, now at 31 and in the final year of his contract with the Philadelphia 76ers, Harris could be looking to settle elsewhere. If this happens to be Harris' last year as a 76er, his 17-point and 6-rebound stat line in five of his six seasons is one of the most consistent runs in franchise history.

While not necessarily a player to build your franchise around, Harris has been a solid contributor on every team he has been a part of. Harris has always been a second or third option for a team and respectfully, that is just the player he is and a great one in that regard.

From a skill-set perspective, Harris' ability to create his shot and space the floor would make him a great asset to the Spurs. Harris would also improve the team's defensive capabilities with his rangy-guarding abilities and solid defensive rebounding. Mostly, Harris would not need to come in and be the Spurs' primary guy. It is likely the Wembanyama and Devin Vassell show in San Antonio. Therefore, Harris would not be pressured to overperform. Instead, he could be inserted into the lineup with ease and make the team better.

Overall, while Harris is a victim of slander from the media at times, the Spurs could have that "stretch-four" scoring threat that they need. Harris could also make Wembanyama's life a lot easier and let him protect the rim and patrol the paint while Harris can help the offensive flow improve.

Harris's hefty contract is a concern, and a legitimate pay cut would be required for both parties to agree on a deal. Although the situation in San Antonio could be very intriguing for a player of his caliber at that stage in his career, Harris might be okay with a pay cut, as his current situation is not good.