Ranking the free agents who may take a pay cut to sign with the Spurs

There will be quality free-agent options for the Spurs to look at soon; it is a matter if they are willing to take less money to join Victor Wembanyama and company.
San Antonio Spurs v Golden State Warriors
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2. Klay Thompson

It is hard to picture Klay Thompson in another uniform. He seems like a "forever Warrior," but after a declining role in recent years and the stalled contract-extension talks, the veteran sharpshooter could be on his way out.

There is one concern when you mention Thompson: He is a proven shooter and has had a great NBA career, but his 2019 max contract extension is hurting him now. Many teams across the league would not welcome the price tag Thompson may be expecting. As a result, his options could be limited unless he is willing to take a pay cut to attract more teams. One of the most intriguing teams could be the Spurs.

After scoring his lowest point total in a season (17.9) since 2013, Thompson may have lost his value to the Warriors, but he would be extremely valuable for the Spurs. A once productive three-point shooting team, San Antonio was among the ten worst three-point shooting teams last season. Thompson would provide a massive boost for the Spurs' offense.

Wembanyama is going to continue to draw in defenses, and he needs to get the ball out to players when he is in trouble. Thompson could get into the right spots and be effective from deep, uplifting Wembanyama's playmaking ability. Thompson would likely be San Antonio's sixth man, and in that role, he can be one of the best reserves in the league. He is a proven winner, a future Hall-of-Famer, and one of the greatest shooters of all time. However you slice it, Thompson would be a great addition to San Antonio if the money is right.