Popovich, Paul phone call reveals crucial detail about Spurs next season

Chris Paul became a new San Antonio player; however, there was a special detail that convinced him to join the Spurs when he spoke with Coach Gregg Popovich.
Gregg Popovich, Chris Paul
Gregg Popovich, Chris Paul / Chris Coduto/GettyImages

The arrival of Chris Paul to the San Antonio Spurs has excited fans for different reasons. On one hand, it is the franchise's first big move in free agency in a long time, and it's with a future Hall of Famer who, from experience, will support the youngest team in the league. On the other hand, CP3 arrives at 39 years old, and many doubt that he has enough left in the tank to compete as a starter.

From an economic and contractual standpoint, the move was ideal. Paul signed for only one year and $11 million, making it a low-risk move with great potential to help the team grow.

An important detail that ultimately convinced the majority of the fanbase was the excitement it generated in the former Warriors player to share the court with Victor Wembanyama. This, combined with the culture of the Silver and Black, was enough for Pop to persuade him to come to San Antonio.

The keynote of the talk was Chris Paul's expressed desire to remain an elite starter, and he was convinced that the Spurs situation made it an ideal place for him to continue getting significant playing time next season. It's not surprising that in order for Paul to join Pop's team, he was assured of a guaranteed starting spot as the team's lead point guard.

Finally, having a one-year contract means there won't be much risk of things going wrong. On the contrary, there's the possibility that one of the best point guards in history will mentor a great new generation of talent and at the same time, he has a final opportunity to showcase his skills alongside the NBA's next big star.