Spurs splash Chris Paul signing addresses multiple major areas

The San Antonio Spurs kicked off free agency by signing point guard Chris Paul.
Victor Wembanyama, Chris Paul
Victor Wembanyama, Chris Paul / Ronald Cortes/GettyImages

Brian Windhorst has been saying that the tides in San Antonio have been changing for months. He predicted that players would be interested in playing with Victor Wembanyama, and fans have heard whispers of that. Trae Young was reportedly interested in joining Wemby, while Rob Dillingham openly campaigned to be drafted by the franchise. So, the merit was there all along, but yet, everyone has been critical of Spurs General Manager Brian Wright for a lack of aggression.

Wright has displayed a master class in the notion that 'just because you can, doesn't mean you should,' to ensure he makes the right moves, not the fastest. Still, making a move on the opening day of free agency isn't something Spurs fans are used to and the player he got in Chris Paul is everything this young roster needs in Wemby's sophomore season.

Chris Paul can help this team take a leap

Paul has elevated teams in every stop during his tenure in the NBA. He may be entering his 20th season, but he thinks the game at an elite level, and the Spurs need that, and he's only costing the team $11 million on a one-year deal, per Adrian Wojnarowski.

Devin Vassell showed that he could make tough shots last season, but it will only improve his game to get easier buckets. Chris Paul has been a master at getting whatever shot he wants when the moment demands it. Vassell would do well to learn from Paul in that aspect—it will take his game to a new level.

The effect Chris Paul could have on Wembanyama should be obvious and every Spurs fan should be excited to watch a point guard known for his distributing ability to deliver the ball to Victor in the best possible ways. He will make the right decision 99% of the time when orchestrating the offense. It's a dream-come-true type of fit considering how much these guys still need to learn and it happened because Wembanyama is on the roster. That's huge.