Pop's honest postgame rant speaks volumes following unacceptable Spurs loss

After a dismal loss to the Washington Wizards, Coach Popovich let loose on his players. His latest rant should immediately catch the attention of his players.
Gregg Popovich
Gregg Popovich / Ronald Cortes/GettyImages

The inconsistency of the San Antonio Spurs reared its ugly head again in last night's abysmal loss to the lowly Washington Wizards. Despite playing at home and getting out to a double-digit lead, the players could not maintain their advantage. The worst part is how the team looked in the loss. There would have been no way to get around the embarrassment of falling to the Wizards, no matter how it looked, but the Spurs chose to take the shame up a notch, and Popovich was not happy.

The barb about how the team "looked foolish" is the true nugget of importance here. Some mistakes are more forgivable than others, but those mistakes change categories to unforgivable quickly when they're repeated relentlessly. This team continues to have mental lapses leading to brain-dead turnovers and poor shot selection.

Coach Popovich is seemingly tired of it, as he stormed off after making that opening statement, accepting no questions from reporters. He has every right to be miffed at his team, as fans can be certain that one of the most detail-oriented coaches to ever hold a clipboard has harped on situational awareness on many occasions. No disrespect to Washington but it says a lot to be outfoxed by that assortment of players in a game like last night's.

No Spurs player not named Wembanyama should feel safe

The Spurs came into this season believing they had found a chunk of their young core already. Extending Devin Vassell in the off-season and experimenting with Jeremy Sochan in a larger role are clear indicators that the coaches have big plans for the group, but as the Mike Tyson saying goes, "Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth," and if this season isn't a proverbial pummeling, one doesn't exist.

San Antonio has never been a franchise that overreacts to anything, but questioning the ceiling for underperforming players in their fourth and fifth years would not be overreacting. It would be doing your job. Jeremy Sochan is only in his second year so he will have more grace than the others but there is only one clear mainstay and his name is Victor Wembanyama. Everyone else is auditioning for the role of long-term franchise piece and the applicants are not impressing anyone.