Plotting the dream offseason for the San Antonio Spurs

What the best case scenario could look like for the Spurs this summer.
Trae Young
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Trade for Trae Young

And now for the bullet point every Spurs fan had been waiting for. There has been much discussion about what the Spurs should do to correct their losing ways, what stars they should try to sign or trade for, and who should be untouchable versus who can be considered expendable.

Time and time again over the last several weeks and months, the possibility of Trae Young becoming a San Antonio Spur has been floated. And recently, there have been increasingly more signs that he may not be so happy in Atlanta after all, and could be looking for a change of scenery. He has talked about Victor Wembanyama on numerous occasions, along with other cryptic sound bites and the like. You name it, it has probably happened.

So what are the chances it actually gets done? All that needs to happen is for Trae to go to the Hawks' front office this summer and formally request a trade. From there, the Spurs would have more than enough assets to, in theory, make a deal happen.

If all of the above were to come to fruition, it would be a dream come true for both Wemby and the Spurs organization. Not only would they have a second star to put next to their franchise cornerstone, but he would be arguably the perfect fit. A point guard that has top-level passing ability and is an elite creator off the bounce in his own right could help form the league-breaking duo fans in San Antonio have been hoping for.

We will see if Trae has real interest in a move to San Antonio in a few months. But if the Spurs were to pull this off, it would 100% complete a perfect offseason.