Getting to know the 3 most instrumental assistant coaches on the Spurs

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This season is one of the most vital stepping stones for the San Antonio Spurs as they embark on an expedition to become a playoff contender, and they will need all hands on deck to make strides in the rebuilding process. The front office has stacked this team with young talent like Victor Wembanyama, Devin Vassell, and Jeremy Sochan, giving the good guys the ammunition to gear up for battle.

Perhaps there are some overlooked weapons we should consider when looking at the strengths of this organization. Gifted players and creative coaches are instrumental to every team, but assistants are often undervalued. While Brett Brown, Mitch Johnson, and Matt Nielsen are second in command to Gregg Popovich, they each have skills the Spurs need to navigate the unique circumstances they will face this season.

1.) Brett Brown

Boston University alumnus Brett Brown returned to San Antonio in 2022 after a seven-year stint as the head coach of the Philadelphia 76ers. Having the seasoned playcaller on their coaching staff is an enormous advantage since he already has experience building a team from the ground up. When Brown took the helm for the Sixers, they were the laughingstock of the NBA and needed a couple of stars and a definitive direction. Despite rotating lineups, roster turnover, and multiple injuries, Brown turned Philadelphia into a perennial playoff contender.

At the end of his stint with the Sixers, a reporter asked Brown whether fans got to see him at his best despite all the setbacks he endured in Philadelphia. He answered that question with a resounding no and never elaborated on why he felt that way. Brown undoubtedly helped the Sixers establish a sound foundation around Joel Embiid that has survived all their front office and coaching staff changes. The experience he gained during his seven-year uphill battle of rebuilding that franchise through the NBA Draft has him prepared to lead Spurs Nation into the next era of dominance.

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