5 Coaching candidates for the Spurs if Gregg Popovich retires this summer

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Greg Popovich, Brett Brown
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2. Brett Brown

Brett Brown is probably the most realistic candidate on this list. Brown has an extensive history with the Spurs organization, and after taking a couple of years off from coaching, the Spurs re-hired Brown last summer. Bringing Brown back to the Spurs feels like a calculated move by the front office to set up a possible Pop replacement.

Brown is no stranger to rebuilding, as he was the head coach of the 76ers throughout “The Process.” He helped Joel Embiid ascend to stardom as one of the league’s most successful projects in years. Embiid was a raw talent when he entered the NBA, but if the basketball gods decide to smile upon San Antonio and hand them Victor Wembanyama, Brown would be the perfect guy for the job.

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