6 Star players who should want to join the Spurs next season

Victor Wembanyama is going to need a co-star eventually.

San Antonio Spurs, Joel Embiid
San Antonio Spurs, Joel Embiid / Scott Wachter-USA TODAY Sports
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3. Joel Embiid

Embiid has not requested a trade, but he could be the next superstar to ask out. The 76ers turmoil is just beginning. James Harden requested a trade, but president Daryl Morey is holding out for a superstar return. The ten-time All-Star opted into his contract because there were no suitors in free agency. Philadelphia is not getting a massive haul for Harden. If they trade him, the roster around Embiid may not be strong enough to contend.

The Sixers have prioritized keeping cap space open for next summer, but how will it sit with the reigning MVP? Is he willing to take a step back in the middle of his prime? Beyond that, who can Philadelphia sign in free agency next summer? Without a massive haul, Embiid could leave the City of Brotherly Love.

The Spurs have five first-round draft picks from other teams to go with all of their selections and a couple of swaps. They could offer a monster package for Joel Embiid that would be tough to beat. The reigning MVP may not be eager to come to the Alamo right now, but the Spurs would not trade for him without a contention plan in place.

They would try to recreate the success of the Twin Towers in San Antonio and just might be able to do it. Embiid wants to play with another star, and Wemby has all-time great potential. The big man duo could take the league by storm, and The Process could be excited to join the next legend.