Devonte' Graham perfectly sums up Spurs' Wembanyama with three words

2023 NBA Rookie Photo Shoot
2023 NBA Rookie Photo Shoot / Mike Lawrie/GettyImages

Podcasts are the BMW of the content world. Everybody has one. They are the ultimate smorgasbord of variety, providing something for everyone. From analysts to former and current players, there is no shortage of options for hoops lovers. But what listeners seem to enjoy most is hearing the thoughts and unique perspectives of the players who have been inside the belly of the beast that is the NBA. It doesn't matter if you're a star or a role player, those viewpoints are coveted because of the credibility of their firsthand experience.

Theo Pinson recently hosted Devonte' Graham on the Run Your Race Podcast, and the San Antonio Spurs guard shared some encouraging comments regarding Victor Wembanyama. Everyone seems to have an opinion about the young phenom and his teammates are no exception. Pinson mentioned how blown away he was watching the versatile skillset and impactful playmaking from a player as tall as Wemby but stuggled to put everything into words. Graham did not.

One of One

The NBA has a rich history of highly talented players pulling off amazing feats of skill and athleticism. As the years have progressed, the floor has soared for role players, making many of them redundant or interchangeable. Think about how often you look at a box score and see an inconspicuous second stringer has 20+ points in a game. It's like Will Smith walking into a manufacturing building in I, Robot, only to observe a sea of identical automatons.

Standing out has become increasingly rare. Even some of the greats have emulated past legends to achieve their superstar status, such as Kobe Bryant mirroring Michael Jordan in virtually every facet of the game. As great as Kobe was, we have seen his style before. When Magic Johnson reached the league, on the other hand, nobody had witnessed a supersized guard who could control the game the way he could. Wemby has much to prove before he is considered an all-time great, but he is a unique specimen. And his combination of fluidity on offense and defense makes him, without a doubt, one-of-one.