3 San Antonio Spurs that have All-Star potential

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The dawn of a new age for the San Antonio Spurs has begun and fans are ready to emerge from the desolate sands of despair like the characters in a Dune novel. Their time spent as a bottom-feeding team seems to be coming to an end and it may come faster than you think. The growth of the young players on this team is undeniable, leading observers to wonder how high some of these guys will be able to reach.

When reflecting on the Big Three, it is easy to forget that Tim Duncan was the only member to reach the All-Star game year after year. Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili made a few appearances, but they were often overlooked because the Spurs system left them without inflated stats. It can be difficult to shine bright enough to earn recognition in an immensely talented Western Conference, but there are certainly a few players with All-Star potential on the roster.

1.) Victor Wembanyama

There would be cause to place Air Alamo on trial for not including the most obvious selection here, so let's get him out of the way. Victor Wembanyama has the skillset to impact the game in so many areas that it will be virtually impossible for him not to eventually make an All-Star team. A player standing 7-foot-3 who can handle, pass, shoot, finish, and anchor a defense is hard to ignore. The biggest key for Wemby will be his influence on San Antonio winning ball games.

The second significant factor is the global recognition the French standout has already received. The fans account for 50% of the votes tallied to choose which players start in the All-Star game, making it a glorfied popularity contest. Yao Ming only suited up for five games during the 2010-11 season, but he still made the All-Star team because of the overwhelming support he received from Chinese fans. While the fan vote held more weight back then, a massive global fanbase could help Wemby's cause.

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