4 Reasons the Spurs have been the biggest winners of the NBA offseason

Victor Wembanyama
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Prior to the start of the summer, there was a lot of anticipation about how the San Antonio Spurs' offseason would play out. All things considered; the offseason has played out far better than any Spurs fan could reasonably hope for.

They drafted Victor Wembanyama first overall and have spent the first few weeks of free agency wheeling and dealing. The summer used to be relatively quiet for San Antonio, but GM Brian Wright has been surprisingly active this summer.

While they haven't made any splashy trades or big signings like several other teams, they have made several solid moves and have set themselves up well for the future. In fact, despite a team such as the Phoenix Suns making more high-profile moves in free agency, the Spurs have quietly had just as good of an offseason, perhaps even better when considering what the goals of the franchise are.

San Antonio is looking to get better next season, but not if it means making short-term moves that could come back to bite them, unlike the Suns. Keep that in mind as we take a look at several reasons why the Spurs have won the offseason thus far.

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