City Edition Spurs jerseys could be the best they've ever had

San Antonio Spurs Tre Jones Dejounte Murray
San Antonio Spurs Tre Jones Dejounte Murray / Ronald Cortes/GettyImages

The San Antonio Spurs debuted a new Fiesta-themed jersey against the Mavericks on Friday. In this age of a social media-driven society we live in, the odds are good that by now you, the fan, have seen photos of the Spurs new threads pop up on your Twitter or Instagram feed along with varied seals of approval or disapproval, from Spurs Familia in the comments section.

If you don’t get down on social media, then maybe you caught an early glimpse of the new jerseys from an online news outlet or even tuned in to a local news segment where our favorite San Antonio sports reporter mentions the addition to the Spurs wardrobe. No matter the source, the new kits have dropped, and they do not disappoint.

I understand everyone is entitled to their own opinion on these new uniforms the brilliant minds at Nike cooked up for this season's “City Edition” for the 210. Opinions matter and everyone has a voice to be heard. That includes the voice of this Spurs' lifer, which some say is often intriguing or borderline delusional, depending on who you ask.

With that said, these uniforms are fantastic, and very well could be the best uniform ever to be worn by the legendary, historic, nostalgic, five-time NBA Champion San Antonio Spurs.

This uniform has everything. It has a vintage, yet modern look with a nod to the past while looking toward the future. It honors the franchise's storied history from the ABA days all the way to its dynasty decade.

The New San Antonio Spurs jerseys have a little of everything

It’s the Ice Man, Tim & the Admiral rolled all into one and leaves room for the next modern-day Spurs star to make their mark. Silver and Black surrounded by orange, pink, turquoise, and a whole bunch of white that makes for as clean of a look as one will ever see.

These fiesta jerseys 2.0 capitalize off last year's all-black alternate uniform that all Spurs fans love and adore that's considered among the NBA all-time best. And rightfully so. I have been known to be seen rocking Dejounte’s number five on any given day and hear me when I say that this year’s edition is even better.

Hell, I may never take it off once my order comes in. I am talking wear it to work, the park, my cousin's upcoming wedding, and even to my in-laws' family Christmas dinner. Everywhere. That’s how good these are.

The attention to detail is magnificent, especially on the shorts. Note the nod to the ABA through the chaparral on one side of the shorts. It is subtle, yet unique. There is this Miami Vice totally 80s type of vibe that, in its own way, ties in the vintage look to a more modern-looking but still classic type of uniform.

The Spurs' silver and black color combo stands out along the chest as it is the only main emphasis where we see San Antonio’s mothership colors in use on the jersey. This makes for a fun, edgy and modern alternative to the classics that are worn night in and night out.  

Beyond the uniform itself, the clothing line of 2022’s city edition threads is simply jaw-dropping. I am talking about everything from towels and koozies to hoodies, baby blankets, and stickers that the entire family will love. Simply put, it’s a home run for the Spurs, the San Antonio community, and potentially on a broader scale given the unique, innovative fiesta theme. 

To gain some outside perspective I questioned my mother, a non-San Antonio resident and modest NBA fan, about her opinion of the uniforms. In so many words, she said that turquoise is her favorite color, which served as the basis for the high praise she gave the new look, and that the uniform “represents the beautiful culture and city of San Antonio.” Yes, yes it damn sure does.

If this statement doesn’t hit the nail on the head on what the Spurs were looking to do with this jersey release, then I don’t know what would. Culture. I for one am all about the culture. Well put Mom, I couldn’t have said it better myself.

In the end, it is for you, the fan, to decide if you love, like, or hate the look. I leave that up to my fellow Spurs fans to reach their own final answer. 

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And, regardless of what that answer is, I am sure we can all agree on one thing. At least they are not camo.

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