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San Antonio Spurs: Top 2022 NBA Draft Prospects to Watch

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The San Antonio Spurs' regular season is now officially underway after what felt like a long offseason. Despite a rocky start, having Spurs basketball back has been rejuvenating, to say the least. After a controversial few months in which the Spurs made several big moves in free agency and selected Josh Primo 12th overall in the 2021 NBA Draft, all eyes are now looking to the present and future to see which member or members of the young core can take the next leap in their career.

With college basketball finally here, Spurs fans will also surely be looking forward to the next draft and hopefully being a bit more on-target with their predictions this time around. I extensively covered the draft this past season here on Air Alamo and, after many hours of watching tape, doing research, and comparing stats, I ultimately got it entirely wrong myself.

The fact of the matter is that, while I knew of Primo's existence on a very good Alabama team, his impact on the team and his future potential as a professional totally eluded me. In retrospect, the Spurs selecting Primo should have made much more sense at the moment, but because he flew so far under the radar, it instead appeared from the outside as if the Spurs made a huge misstep. The largely negative reaction to his selection was clear evidence of that.

For the 2022 NBA Draft, I'm making it my personal mission not to allow for that to happen again, or to at least do the best I can to prevent it. 2021 saw the Spurs' highest draft selection in decades and, thankfully, the selection in and of itself offered some very valuable clues as to the direction of the team.

With that in mind, after researching hundreds of players that could be making their way to next year's draft, I've compiled a list of 28 NCAA players for Spurs fans to watch before the start of the college basketball season. These are all the players you need to have your eyes on early.