Blast from the Past: 4 former Spurs they must consider reuniting with

The San Antonio Spurs have several players around the NBA playing big roles on other teams, but which Spurs alumni should the team consider bringing back?

Victor Wembanyama
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Perhaps more than any other franchise, San Antonio has several players around the NBA playing big roles on other teams. That has led to increased interest from fans about a potential reunion with several former Spurs, especially with rookie Victor Wembanyama looking more and more like a superstar. But which of their prestigious alumni should the team consider bringing back? Let's go through and take a look at several former players San Antonio should potentially reunite with.

4) Lonnie Walker

2019 first-round pick Lonnie Walker spent the first four seasons of his career with the Spurs. Although he showed plenty of promise, the Spurs surprisingly opted to cut him loose ahead of his restricted free agency.

That allowed him to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers, where he continued to show flashes, including a big performance for the Lakers in Game 4 of their second-round series against the Golden State Warriors. Nevertheless, he was forced to sign a minimum contract with the Brooklyn Nets last summer after better offers failed to materialize.

Since then, he has managed to exceed expectations, averaging an impressive 10.2 points while shooting 40.4% from three while playing fewer than 18 minutes per game. That has reignited interest from Spurs fans who are hoping that he might return and live up to his full potential in the real Silver and Black—not Brooklyn's version.

Stranger things have happened and San Antonio could use more scoring off the bench next season. With Walker having yet to sign a long-term deal, he may want multiple years on his next contract, which wouldn't necessarily be a deal breaker. But the Spurs would have to weigh his fit with his potential contract demands and they may instead look at more short-term options.