Blast from the Past: 4 former Spurs they must consider reuniting with

The San Antonio Spurs have several players around the NBA playing big roles on other teams, but which Spurs alumni should the team consider bringing back?
Victor Wembanyama
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3) Patty Mills

When the Atlanta Hawks made the decision to waive former Spur Patty Mills, it seemed like a foregone conclusion that he would end up back in San Antonio. Instead, Mills signed with the Miami Heat, probably in the hopes that he could win another championship. You can't blame him.

However, after ring-chasing, Mills could potentially return to San Antonio to close out his career. He may be past the days of being a reliable seventh man but he can still shoot and his leadership and culture-setting could be just as important to a young team. That alone would be worth a roster spot but it's not necessarily a guarantee that he'll sign with the Spurs this summer.

After all, he will be 36 years old by the start of next season and could just as easily retire instead of returning to San Antonio for an 11th season. Another option, however, is that he returns to the Spurs as an assistant coach of some kind. One way or another, San Antonio would benefit from Mills returning, given how young this team is and considering how impactful he was on and off the court.