4 Biggest Disappointments for San Antonio Spurs up to this point

The San Antonio Spurs have had bright spots but these disappointments can't be overlooked
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Disappointing to see Spurs stand pat at the trade deadline

The Spurs didn't stand completely still at the trade deadline, but they got pretty dang close. They sent Doug McDermott to the Indiana Pacers and ended up getting Marcus Morris, as well as a future second-round pick and cash considerations.

While it's certainly disappointing to see the Spurs hold still at the deadline, it wasn't necessarily surprising. The team has always maintained that this was going to be a learning year, but that didn't stop them from sending out a few feelers ahead of the deadline.

According to The Ringer's Howard Beck, the Spurs had some discussion with the Atlanta Hawks around a potential Trae Young trade. Beck also noted that it is viewed as a "near certainty" that the Hawks move on from one, or both, of Young and Dejounte Murray this summer.

Many fans would have loved to see the Spurs pull off a blockbuster deal for Trae Young midseason but will take the rumblings and not-so-subtle hints that Trae is dropping at All-Star Weekend and survive on those until summer. There's enough smoke billowing out of Atlanta that a Trae Young deal looks like a legitimate possibility at this point.

Ultimately, most of these disappointments are solvable and do little to diminish the bright future the Spurs have ahead of them. The concerns around player development and the team's overall poor defense are valid, but fans should still be willing to give the Spurs the benefit of the doubt. But this summer will be critical. The Spurs have the biggest piece in place, but they still need to take several giant steps forward before they can be taken seriously as a playoff contender. Let's see what progress they can make before the start of next season before we get too worried.