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3 Reasons the Spurs took a flyer on Isaiah Roby

Isaiah Roby, Payton Pritchard
Isaiah Roby, Payton Pritchard / Adam Glanzman/GettyImages
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When the Oklahoma City Thunder decided to waive Isaiah Roby this week, the San Antonio Spurs wasted no time picking him up.

A 6-8 forward out of Nebraska, Roby started in 62 games for the Thunder before a roster logjam made him expendable as they continue their steady rebuild. According to our colleague at Thunderous Intentions, the selection of Jeremiah Robinson-Earl is likely the biggest reason Sam Presti decided to move on from Roby sooner than expected.

At 24 years old, Roby heads to San Antonio with some intriguing physical attributes and solid performances to build upon. After all, while the front office is heading into a full rebuild of the squad, they rarely pick up anyone before first seeing some promise in them.

Let's jump into a few reasons the Spurs might've been intrigued enough to take a flyer on Isaiah Roby.

1. Roby fits a positional need

Alright, so he's not exactly Deandre Ayton, but I've maintained the Spurs probably made the Dejounte Murray trade with the knowledge that the Suns center wouldn't be going to San Antonio anyway. The pickup of Roby gives the Spurs a power forward with a 7-3 wingspan.

I expect Doug McDermott to likely be dangled in trade talks over the summer and beyond, so I wouldn't exactly say his starting power forward spot is set in stone. While Roby still has a lot to prove on the court, he at least would give the Spurs more help on the defensive end and on the glass than McDermott currently offers.

Of course, Jeremy Sochan should be and probably will be the player to take McDermott's starting role eventually, but Roby still gives the Spurs insurance in the event that he's stricken with an injury and McDermott is either moved or misses time as well.