3 players Spurs should pursue once available after December 15th

Free agents signed this offseason will be available for trade on December 15th and there are some players the San Antonio Spurs should be eyeing.
Russell Westbrook
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2. Mason Plumlee

This one would probably be difficult to pull off, as Plumlee fits a specific need for the Los Angeles Clippers, who employ small lineups often. Their need for a big man who can bang bodies in the paint when the need arises is noted but the Spurs could include Zach Collins in the trade package, giving them a frontcourt option big enough to battle. Other pieces will be required to sweeten the deal but Brian Wright can work out those details.

San Antonio wants to be able to play with space, but they also need to protect the basket and have an answer for opposing big men looking to get physical down low. Additionally, Plumlee's physical play would give Wemby the option of playing the power forward position occasionally, giving Coach Pop more lineup versatility to play with.

Collins recently signed a two-year extension worth $35 million, but that is not enough money to hinder a potential deal. The plan to pair with Wembanyama on the court simultaneously has already been shifted and if he is going to struggle to hit threes consistently, the fit looks less appealing. The Spurs would be better off with a legit 7'0" bruiser who can block shots, catch lobs, and set hard screens.