3 players Spurs should pursue once available after December 15th

Free agents signed this offseason will be available for trade on December 15th and there are some players the San Antonio Spurs should be eyeing.
Russell Westbrook
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The San Antonio Spurs are a month and a half into a season of evaluation and experimentation, with few victories to show for it. The Spurs are setting up the franchise for another extended stretch of NBA dominance, but the construction of something built to last must start with a strong foundation. Building that foundation will require patience, but patience aside, something is missing. Strong veteran leadership has always been a part of San Antonio's success and they need to acquire it again.

Doug McDermott (31) and Cedi Osman (28) are the resident old heads of the team but that simply is not enough. For this team to flourish, they could benefit from the addition of players who know how to prepare at a high level and can be dynamic in their contributions to the team. Free agents who have recently signed contracts could not be traded before December 15th, but with that date rapidly approaching, there are a few guys who could help this roster.

3. Seth Curry

If you know who Seth Curry is, you know exactly why he would be great for this team. The inconsistency from distance has never been more glaring than the 5-41 shooting night against the Houston Rockets a couple of nights ago. Curry is a career 43% three-point shooter, and even in a down year for him, he would hold the second-best percentage from three on this team at 38.6%.

Curry has experience playing alongside Luka in the NBA playoffs, so he understands how to play off of ball-dominant players. Wembanyama's usage rate ranks 37th in the league over guys like Jaylen Brown and Zion Williamson, that trait will come in handy as an outlet when defenses collapse on the young French star. As the son of an NBA player, Curry also understands how to prepare for the rigors of the NBA each night. He would be a valuable addition to this young team.