3 different scenarios next season based on Spurs draft decisions

The San Antonio Spurs' 2024–2025 NBA season can go in any of these directions based on their decisions for the upcoming 2024 NBA Draft.
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Spurs keep picks 4 and 8 to draft a point guard and Dalton Knecht

The pick at four can be used for Stephon Castle, Rob Dillingham or Reed Sheppard. The result would be the same: a play-in spot as a ninth or 10th seed. These players all have vastly different styles but they are all dynamic at what they do best. The added defense that Castle would bring to the backcourt as a 6'6 guard would be invaluable. That's a trait that translates immediately.

Rob Dillingham, Reed Sheppard and Dalton Knecht bring the offensive dynamite the Spurs need to go nuclear on teams next season. Dillingham's shiftiness and creativity with the ball allow him to get into the paint and open up opportunities for the team. Devin Vassell will be the second most important beneficiary of Dillingham's presence, as Dillingham can help Vassell get easier shots by breaking down the defense.

Sheppard and Knecht's three-point shooting was special. Knecht shot 40%, and Sheppard posted 52% from behind the arc. Knecht is a senior who can score on all three levels. He is a senior and can come into the system to contribute immediately. Everyone else is so young that they will need to be taught more about playing high-level basketball before they can be relied on for consistency, but they're all dynamic enough to cause headaches for the opponents.