3 different scenarios next season based on Spurs draft decisions

The San Antonio Spurs' 2024–2025 NBA season can go in any of these directions based on their decisions for the upcoming 2024 NBA Draft.
Victor Wembanyama
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Spurs trade the 4th pick for a point guard and draft Dalton Knecht

I know what you're thinking. Dalton Knecht again? Yes. Again. The Spurs have fallen into a consistent trend of drafting players so young that there is little to no chance they will be ready to contribute to a playoff run for years. There is so much to teach them.

After a loss to the Orlando Magic in February, Coach Popovich was asked about the issues facing the team. "It's just a development situation," Popovich expressed. "The challenges are teaching young guys that have never really had the time to get the fundamentals in a lot of different ways."

If the coaching staff has to spend precious time teaching and reinforcing some of the basics of basketball, it only prolongs the growth process. You won't have to worry about that with Knecht.

As far as the point guard, the Spurs could trade for Darius Garland, Dejounte Murray, Trae Young, or some young veteran unforeseen. Your starting lineup is immediately reinvigorated with a presence on offense and defense. You should expect significant improvement from Victor Wembanyama, Devin Vassell and Jeremy Sochan because that's a reasonable expectation.

The result would be making the playoffs, possibly without needing to compete in the play-in. It would be an astronomical jump, but when you have an alien on your roster, something out-of-this-world becomes possible.