San Antonio Spurs: Allen Iverson shares hilarious story from playing with Tim Duncan

Tim Duncan Allen Iverson (Photo by G Fiume/Getty Images)
Tim Duncan Allen Iverson (Photo by G Fiume/Getty Images) /

When Allen Iverson played with San Antonio Spurs legend Tim Duncan in the 2004 Olympics, the two bonded over the game, being teammates, and pranks.

The 2004 U.S. men’s Olympic basketball team is known for being the team that lost out on winning gold to Manu Ginobili and Team Argentina, but it also allowed for a legendary pairing. For the first time in their careers, Allen Iverson and San Antonio Spurs star Tim Duncan shared the same side of the court to help the United States try to capture gold.

While loaded with talents such as a 19-year-old LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, and Dwyane Wade, the team ultimately didn’t have the team chemistry that other nations had spent years developing. As a result, they finished with a disappointing bronze medal for only the second time in Olympic history.

While the team didn’t have great chemistry on the court, Iverson had a great time being Duncan’s teammate, as he explained to Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson on their All the Smoke podcast. Calling Tim one of the best teammates he’s ever had, Iverson also began to chuckle as he recalled a story of something that happened in the team’s dorm.

“We were in our dorm and I was asleep,” began Iverson. “And I woke up and had peanut butter between my feet and all in my hands and a [expletive] tickling my face. I slapped my face — peanut butter everywhere. Tim snitched on who did it.”

The revelation led all three to burst out laughing at the thought. Iverson then insinuated that he got revenge on the perpetrator as a result of Duncan’s tattling.

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“Trust me, something happened after that,” said Iverson. “You can ask Tim about it, or you can ask the person I had the altercation with.”

While Iverson didn’t elaborate on further penalties, it’s funny to imagine Duncan telling on one of his teammates, since that seems like a very Tim-like thing to do. As for who the culprit was? I could see someone like Richard Jefferson doing something like that.

Jefferson and Duncan have always had an interesting relationship in which they’ve taken digs at each other over the years — maybe it dates back to the time Duncan called him out on his peanut butter prank. Whatever the case, it’s fun to hear other all-time NBA greats recalling stories of The Big Fundamental.

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