NBA Bubble All-Stars: Three San Antonio Spurs make the cut from Walt Disney World

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San Antonio Spurs

LAKE BUENA VISTA, FLORIDA – AUGUST 05: Derrick White #4 of the San Antonio Spurs brings the ball up court against the Denver Nuggets during the second half at Visa Athletic Center. (Photo by Kim Klement-Pool/Getty Images)

Three San Antonio Spurs are amongst the competitors who’ve improved their game inside the NBA’s Orlando bubble at Walt Disney World.

Unprecedented times give way for a new way of looking at the game and for San Antonio Spurs fans, there’s been a rejuvenated interest in the team. With their ultra small-ball lineup competing in the Orlando bubble, the young core’s eventual takeover is no longer a fictional concept. That gave way for a captivating contrast with the core of veterans. They’ve achieved somewhat of a renaissance through these seeding games with less pressure and more help.

However, this isn’t specific to the Spurs — it’s a league-wide phenomenon. Players who were just strutting along during the regular season have come alive inside the bubble, leaving it all on the court and setting a new standard of themselves. Many of them are established players and even All-Stars, but many of them aren’t.

Though there’s no All-Bubble team awarded by the league and these eight seeding games won’t count toward regular-season awards. Whether that’s for better or worse is to be seen, but the players who are stepping up during this pivotal time deserve some recognition.

With that in mind, we’re naming the NBA’s Bubble All-Stars!

The criteria are simple: The players that qualify for the NBA Bubble All-Star team: A. Have to be active inside the Orlando Bubble and B. Cannot have been an All-Star already this year.

It’d be too easy to say “Hey, look at these guys that you already know are good!” That takes away from the acknowledgment for the lesser-known players that are leaving it all on the court. Spoiler Alert: Three Spurs players made the list for their exceptional efforts in these early seeding games.

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