San Antonio Spurs: Five current NBA players that feel like future Spurs

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San Antonio Spurs

SAN ANTONIO, TX – JANUARY 5: Gregg Popovich head coach of the San Antonio Spurs talks with Mike Conley #11 of the Memphis Grizzlies after an NBA game held January 5, 2019 (Photo by Edward A. Ornelas/Getty Images)

For the San Antonio Spurs, there are specific qualities that the franchise looks for when acquiring talent and these players fit the description.

As recognized by the hardcore NBA fan or hoops junkies residing in the Southwest, the San Antonio Spurs hold their players and personnel to a specific standard of conduct. They look to bring along players who fit certain qualifications and people that bring a level of intelligence and nobility that can uphold their values as an organization. San Antonio doesn’t just want good basketball players—it wants good citizens and unselfish players.

With that in mind, San Antonio’s scouting department has a challenge that far exceeds that of its competitors around the league. Granted, sometimes all it takes is a simple conversation to know whether or not someone has what it takes to be a Spur. And yet, sometimes it takes the foresight of the fans to know that a player has what it takes to don silver and black.

That’s why members of the Spurs online community see the same few names popping up over their years in these circles. Some are realistic and others, not so much, but there’s a good reason for all of these individuals to don silver and black at some point in their careers.

Whether it be for their community efforts off the court, or their intricate play style on it, the Spurs are an entity that holds true to themselves and requires that same methodology from their players. Due to the financial implications and roster construction, it’s not feasible for all of these players to end up in San Antonio.

Still, these players have Spurs written all over them and would make total sense in the long run.

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