Spurs: Joe Harris is the answer to San Antonio’s perimeter shooting needs

Joe Harris has quietly made himself into one of the best 3-point shooters in the league, he needs to be on the San Antonio Spurs shortlist of potential 2020 free-agent acquisitions.

One of the problems that the San Antonio Spurs have faced for a few years now is their considerable lack of 3-point shooting. In a league that continues to put a greater emphasis on perimeter scoring the Spurs are lagging behind, ranking 26th in three’s made and 28th in three’s attempted this season.

The teams only saving grace from behind the arc has been that while they struggle to put up enough 3-pointers to keep pace with the rest of the league, they’re remarkably accurate when they do shoot from deep. They’ve finished in the top-10 in 3-point accuracy for the last two seasons thanks to the contributions of snipers such as Bryn Forbes and Davis Bertans.

There has been an improvement from the young Spurs as both Dejounte Murray and Derrick White have stretched out their games more and more over the past two years. San Antonio even got a surprise boost from LaMarcus Aldridge as the big man finally joined the rest of the NBA’s bigs in the 3-point revolution. As beneficial as these changes have been, San Antonio has considered to struggle. This is why they need to have their eye’s on Brooklyn Nets forward Joe Harris as the former 3-point champion approaches unrestricted free agency this summer.

Harris is a key part of a Nets team that is sure to have title aspirations for next season, but the financial impacts of COVID-19 remain to be seen and his place on the team isn’t set in stone. In speaking with YES Network’s Michael Grady, Harris did say that staying in Brooklyn is his preference but also acknowledged that there are a lot of things that are out of his control.

One thing that could come into play is how Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant feel about Harris and if he’s a key piece on what has effectively become their team. Earlier this year Irving listed off key players on the Nets and failed to mention Harris, an omission he would later claim was unintentional.

Joe Harris can help fill a position of need on the wing for San Antonio Spurs

We can take him at his word but the fact remains that if Irving and Durant do not feel that Harris is essential to their title hopes, and believe that the money the Nets would use to re-sign him could be better used elsewhere, the front office will likely side with their two superstars.

This could open up a window for the Spurs, as well as nearly every other team in need of shooting help, to court Harris. San Antonio has a lot to offer, a winning pedigree, albeit one that has taken a hit over the past two seasons, an up and coming roster, and a considerable role as either a sixth man or the teams starting small forward.

San Antonio does need defensive help on the wings, and that’s not something that Harris will help address. But the team does have a high draft pick to potentially fill that hole with someone like Devin Vassell or Isaac Okoro. Selecting one of those two players and complimenting them with a proven sniper such as Harris would go a long way towards helping the Spurs return to their place among some of the best in the Western Conference.

As is the case with all of the Spurs potential free-agent decisions, this is all largely dependent on how DeMar DeRozan chooses to handle his upcoming player option. If he does decide to opt-in it would nearly eliminate any possibility of signing Harris outright. But it would open a possible sign and trade scenario with the Nets.

It could be tricky to pull off but exploring different ways to potentially bring Joe Harris to the Alamo City should at least be a consideration for the San Antonio Spurs.