DeMar DeRozan deserves to represent the San Antonio Spurs at the All-Star Game

With historical numbers and an undeniable stretch as of late, San Antonio Spurs swingman DeMar DeRozan is worthy of being an All-Star this season.

Despite what the national media thinks, there is a basketball team in San Antonio, TX. On that very team is a 6-foot-6 swingman by the name of DeMar DeRozan. If you don’t pay attention to San Antonio Spurs basketball in the year 2020, some might say they couldn’t blame you. But, for those who do, the Spurs have had a roller-coaster of the first half of this season.

With every twist and turn that’s commenced since opening night, you could point fingers at just about everybody in the organization from top to bottom; All but one.

There’s one player on this Spurs roster who’s in the midst of a historically efficient season, one who’s scored 20 or more points in 72 percent of all games this season while simultaneously leading his team in assists. There’s one guy who’s kept this Spurs team afloat and now in the 8th seed despite the variety of inconsistencies on the court.

DeRozan is more than worthy of an All-Star selection in 2020.

With the uncharacteristic 6-13 start for the Silver & Black, the days of the once eight-game losing streak are now in the past. With heavy thanks to being given to DeRozan for turning the tide, ramping up his play to insanely efficient shooting splits on high average point totals, DeRozan and the Spurs offense has clicked at the NBA’s highest level.

Now having a top-8 ranked offense, the Spurs have gone 14-10 following one of the worst losing streaks in the Popovich era. After various adjustments, that offense now has a true identity: Play through DeMar DeRozan as not only the primary scoring option but the primary ball-handler, and reap the rewards.

DeMar’s offensive load is heavier than the late, great, Yokozuna. With a true command of the offense, DeRozan is active as can be on that end by setting up plays on the wing, constant movement off the ball, driving and kicking to open shooters and even setting screens to free up jump-shooters. His importance and value to the now 8th-ranked NBA offense is undeniable.

It is equally undeniable that DeMar DeRozan is having a historic year, literally.

DeRozan’s newest stamp in NBA History was a recently concluded 13-game stretch in which the Compton-native dropped 20 or more points on at least 50 percent shooting from the field, something nobody other than Wilt Chamberlain has ever done. During that stretch, DeMar posted a stat line Iof 26.6 points, 6.1 assists and 5.5 rebounds per game on 62 percent from the field and 89 percent from the charity stripe.

Going a step further, DeRozan is posting up numbers similar to a 1990-91 Michael Jeffery Jordan. Yes, THE Air Jordan! With an average over 22 points on better than 52 percent shooting from the field, only one other guard in NBA History has matched that – MICHAEL JORDAN!

According to the recent All-Star voting results released by Adrien Wojnarowski, DeRozan has a few interesting numbers to boast that only three of his peers can rival.

DeMar leads this Spurs team in both points and assists per game. No other leading vote-getters for the 2020 All-Star game can rival that other than Damian Lillard, Luka Doncic and LeBron James, as that trio leads their respective teams in those categories.

DeRozan shoots a higher percentage from the field than every top vote-getter for the All-Star game, while also having a team in the playoff hunt, actually occupying the 8th seed.

While trailing Dejounte Murray in steals per game and Jakob Poeltl in field goal percentage, even helping generate a once abysmal minus starting lineup to a now +10.9 net rating over the last 15 games, DeRozan’s impact on the floor for this ball club is on display night-in and night-out.

After what was one of the worst stretches in Spurs’ history, the importance and impact of the high level of play that DeRozan has brought to the table have been the catapult for the 8th seeded San Antonio Spurs.

As the season has gone along, DeMar’s progression on the floor has been evident. With numerous 30-point scoring outputs, 27 games of five or more rebounds, 23 games of five or more assists, and a barrage of immensely efficient shooting nights, DeRozan has truly been a Swiss Army knife for a Spurs squad that depends on him.

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If DeMar DeRozan isn’t participating in the 2020 NBA All-Star Game in Chicago this year, it will be as absurd as traveling to the Windy City without ordering a Chicago-style deep dish pizza. With the numbers and the backing of NBA history all out on the front street, the answer is clearer than ever: DeMar DeRozan is an All-Star.

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