San Antonio Spurs Fans React to Pre-NBA Free Agency Chaos

SAN ANTONIO - APRIL 18: The logo of the San Antonio Spurs in Game One of the Western Conference Quarterfinals during the 2009 NBA Playoffs at AT
SAN ANTONIO - APRIL 18: The logo of the San Antonio Spurs in Game One of the Western Conference Quarterfinals during the 2009 NBA Playoffs at AT /

The San Antonio Spurs fans had plenty to say about the ongoing hysteria, just hours before NBA free agency started.

It’s been a wild night in the NBA, and 2017 NBA free agency hasn’t even started yet. The San Antonio Spurs haven’t done anything, but other teams did.

The highlight of the night became the trade of Paul George. He will go to the Oklahoma City Thunder, with Victor Oladipo and Damantos Sabonis headed back to the Indiana Pacers. It’s a trade that shakes up the Western Conference, which already saw the Houston Rockets trade for Chris Paul from the Los Angeles Clippers.

As for signings, Blake Griffin is sticking around in Los Angeles, as he’ll sign a maximum contract to stay. That took one of the biggest free agents off the board.

With everything going on, the Spurs fans have taken to Twitter to react to everything going on in the NBA. What did they have to say?

The San Antonio Spurs just might be the fifth best team in the Western Conference.

— Brian Keller (@bkonhoops) July 1, 2017

The San Antonio Spurs are going to win the NBA champion and 2018 we're going all the way go Spurs go do this for Tim Duncan

— Alfredo Clay Vasquez (@alfredorockoflo) July 1, 2017


— Jake Kaiser (@Jake_Kaiser) July 1, 2017

This just in.

The San Antonio Spurs have been traded to the Eastern Conference, (per sources).

— Abel Daniel Treviño (@abelDtrevino) July 1, 2017

Surprised no FA wants to join the @spurs..class team and that system ensured 2nd or 3rd round always . Good team ball .. #nba #NBAFreeAgency

— 七転び八起き (@StatenYorkHasan) July 1, 2017

PG to OKC? Lmao they're still not beating the Rockets, Spurs or Warriors

— CMILLY ROCK (@Cmillssss) July 1, 2017

Man all these moves got me so upset… Spurs need another prime scorer!

— EMG (@ethan_g11) July 1, 2017

Warriors, Rockets, TWolves, Spurs and OKC. The West is gonna be a gauntlet next season.

— Mike Ursery (@MikeUrsery) July 1, 2017

The west is just as weak .. its the warriors and everybody else… might can put the Spurs in the mix

— Eddie Nero (@yothegreat) July 1, 2017

Okc still isn't competitive for the west. They wont best gsw or spurs or even the rockets

— Oliver Queen (@jayydurannn) July 1, 2017

Judging by everyone’s reactions, it’s been all about the Western Conference on Friday night. It’s taking over, with swinging deals for some of the Eastern Conference’s top players, like George. Players already in the West are jumping around, too, like Chris Paul’s trade to the Houston Rockets.

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As for the Spurs, there’s nothing from them so far. That may change once 12:01 a.m. ET hits, despite the flurry of rumored moves that became public. This could be anyone from Rudy Gay to Mike Dunleavy, or even George Hill.  

San Antonio may not form a superteam, especially as all these big name players change teams. However, they could turn toward its own free agents and sign smaller names to fill out the roster. That won’t sound splashy, but is a potential alternative for this organization.

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Free agency is only beginning for the Spurs and the other 29 teams. What will happen next?