San Antonio Spurs vs Dallas Mavericks Game Preview


It’s finally here! The San Antonio Spurs officially kick off their race for seis today! Sure, there wwas training camp and preseason before this but it’s time for the actual wins and losses, the ones that will count toward playoff positioning championship aspirations!

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San Antonio Spurs

The San Antonio Spurs head into their first regular season game after a dismal preseason that saw them go 2-5.

The Spurs played two games in Europe during the preseason, one against Alba Berlin, a surprising loss, and one against Fenerbahçe Ülker, a win. The last time San Antonio stepped on the court they lost in Houston to the Rockets.

The preseason record is not really a concern for Spurs fans as San Antonio finished under .500 in last season’s preseason as well.

Dallas Mavericks

The Dallas Mavericks head into this battle of Texas teams with a 4-4 preseason record. During the preseason, Dallas got to show off its new and improved team, one consisting of former Houston Rocket Chandler Parsons.

The Mavericks will come in with a little confidence against the Spurs, partly stemming from the fact Dallas won its last preseason game by 25 points in Orlando and partly because they were the only team to take San Antonio to seven games in the playoffs.


San Antonio Spurs

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Kawhi Leonard, Small Forward – Leonard will be out for the game nursing his eye infection. Kawhi did see some practice time yesterday but it looks like the Spurs will keep him out as a precaution. Marco Belinelli could pick up the starting spot with Leonard out.

Tiago Splitter, Center – Splitter injured his right calf during training camp and has not made enough progress for the Spurs to put him back on the court. Look for Boris Diaw or Matt Bonner to serve as replacement.

Patty Mills, Point Guard – Mills is still healing from surgery on his torn rotator cuff. Expect his minutes to go to Cory Joseph

Dallas Mavericks

Raymond Felton, Point Guard – Felton suffered a high ankle sprain during the preseason. He also has a four game suspension that will kick in once he is no longer injured. Look for some of his minutes to go to Devin Harris.

Key Matchups

This shouldn’t even be a debate. Today’s key matchup is Tim Duncan versus Dirk Nowitzki. These are two of the best power-forwards of all-time and any time they play against each other it is something to watch for.

PF. . PF. San Antonio Spurs. TIM DUNCAN


PF. Dallas Mavericks. DIRK NOWITZKI. PF.

If you are looking for something past that matchup, look for the battle between the benches. The Dallas Mavericks completely re-tooled their bench over the summer making it one of the more formidable in the league. As for the Spurs bench, the Heat will be more than glad to tell you how good they are.


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The San Antonio Spurs take the opening game by a close margin. Sure the San Antonio Spurs struggled in the preseason but then again as Gregg Popovich said, it’s only the the preseason

My guess is the Spurs start out early with the Mavericks making a game of it late. Now that these games are important, you just can’t see San Antonio trailing early after the abysmal preseason.

Check out the score prediction below!

79. . 103. 29. 96