The One Where I Lay a Smackdown on YouTube Laker Fans


I’ll admit that I follow Bill Simmons and his twitter feed. Most of the stuff he says is dumb and without basis (or it’s just him whoring something out). So I usually don’t pay attention to his tweets *wank* of YouTube videos he likes. It just so happened that he tweeted a pretty great selection last night. I mean, it’s Apache. Who doesn’t love that? Anyways I noticed that some Laker fan commented on how Bill Simmons is biased (no argument here) and that his bias against Kobe is apparent because he thinks Tim Duncan is better. I know I know, I don’t like picking on retarded kids as much as the next guy but I just had to reply. It’s fairly long as blog posts go but just think of it as a Chat with Chad Ford or Jon Barry. Read on and see why the song REALLY should be, “Mama don’t let your kids grow up to be Laker fans”…

NextStep21: biased simmons thinks he can write an article about the celtics vs lakers and have people believe what he says. My favorite part is when he admits he hates kobe bryant and then ranks tim duncan as a better player. He must be the only person in the world that thinks that. I only read him for his humor, definitely not for his opinion on a team he admittedly hates.

cheebahmunkey aka AnkleBones: @NextStep21 Tim Duncan was the best player on his team for 3 titles. Kobe was the best player on his team for maybe 1. Arguable who contributed more to the 08 title, Kobe or Gasol. As of now, Duncan >>> Kobe in terms of greatness. Duncan has also never missed the playoffs. lol “trade me” Bryant

bww78: @cheebahmunkey Are you telling me you think Duncan would have made the playoffs if he was playing with Smush Parker, Kwame Brown and Luke Walton on his starting 5? You’re out to lunch. Duncan wasn’t even the best player on his own team for all three titles. Parker was MVP of one those! Your ignorance knows no bounds.

cheebahmunkey: @bww78 Look at Duncan’s teams from 2000-2003. Yeah he would’ve made the playoffs. Oh and he was the best player for 3 of the titles. Parker was MVP of the 4th. Well done making yourself look stupid though. MY ignorance knows no bounds!!!

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You believe this shit they’re sayin about you Tim?

bww78: @cheebahmunkey I don’t think you know what you’re talking about. Duncan had great teams from 2000-2003. But put him with the teammates Kobe had to play with from 2005-07, and he would have been in the lottery every year. Prove me wrong. You can’t. And whether Parker was MVP the 4th or 3rd championship is irrelevant. Fact is, Duncan has had two all-stars playing with him on every title team. Not so with Kobe.

cheebahmunkey: @bww78 He had great teams? ROFL. I can’t prove you wrong but it’s also a FACT Duncan has never missed the playoffs and Kobe has. So I don’t have to prove you wrong. It’s irrelevant that you said someone was ignorant and you were the one with your facts wrong? I think it’s very relevant [to] your mental capacity because you’re also wrong about how many all-stars Duncan has had on his title teams. 

bww78: @cheebahmunkey Let’s see: Duncan in 2000 had Elliot, Robinson, Daniels, Porter, Ferry, Johnson and Rose. In 2001: Robinson, Smith, Rose, Parker, and Bowen. In 2002: Parker, Jackson, Rose, Bowen, Robinson, Ginobili. In 2003: Parker, Ginobili, Turkoglu, Bowen, Rose, Horry. Tell me, which of those supporting casts do you think is worse than Kwame Brown, Smush Parker, and Luke Walton?

Whew…take a breather for a second. Hey look, Kelly Brook is in a bikini.

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cheebahmunkey: @bww78 I’m not gonna keep replying until you know what you’re talking about. Ginobili was a rookie in 2003. Turkoglu was on the team in 2004. And if you seriously think Porter, Ferry, Avery Johnson, and Malik Rose is a good supporting cast then maybe I should just quit while I’m ahead.

bww78: @cheebahmunkey Also, Duncan’s ’99 championship team had: Elliot and Robinson, both all-stars in their careers.  In 2003: Turkoglu, Parker, Robinson and Ginobili. In 2005: Parker and Ginobili. In 2007: Parker, Ginobili and Finley. Man, you’re just getting smoked.

cheebahmunkey: @bww78 Turkoglu wasn’t on the team in 2003. Let’s forget the fact you’re an idiot for second and look at Parker and Ginobili. NEITHER had eve[r] been All-Stars in 2003. Ginobili was even a rookie. Parker had to be pulled in the finals for Speedy Claxton. I’m gettin smoked I guess. Is it really that hard to look up who was on what team? Or do you just have trouble reading?

NextStep21@cheebahmunkey Do you want Kobe’s numbers during his first 3 titles? I’ll give them to you anyways. He averaged 29, 26, and 31 points per game those 3 years. Now if your saying shaq was better, then you need to look at the numbers. Im not going to say Kobe is better than MJ or Magic, cause he’s not at this point in his career. However currently in his career, you have to rank him above Tim “the mute” Duncan

cheebahmunkey: @NextStep21 How many Finals MVPs did he win in those three years? If you guessed “0” you get this lovely NBA MVP trophy replica, making you the owner of as many MVP trophies as Kobe Bryant. Sadly, you’ll still be one short of Tim Duncan.

Needless to say they haven’t replied. Feel free to share your smackdown stories (preferably with Laker or Mavs fans) in the comments!