This Week in Idiotic Trade Rumors!

By FanSided Staff

Chad Ford (of Darko will be awesome fame) had an ESPN chat with readers today. He took a question about the Spurs. What say you block quotes?

Greg (Cape G): What would you say the chances are the Spurs would trade Tony Parker? And have you heard anymore or anything at all about them trading up in the draft to get Favors?

Chad Ford: I believe they’re open to it if they can get two young assets in return. I think San Antonio understands that if they don’t start rebuilding now, it could be two late. If they could get two high picks or one high pick and a young player, I think they’d do it. One scenario floating out there is Parker for No. 10, Troy Murphy (in the last year of his contract) and Brandon Rush

Chad Ford Chat

Sounds like a good deal right? I mean, the Spurs get an injury prone big man who doesn’t play in the post, a shooting guard who shot 42% from the field and averages 9/4/1 in 30 MPG (translation = he sucks), and the #10 pick in the draft for Tony Parker. Tony Parker who only last year, when he was healthy mind you, showed us he can be a top Point Guard in the league. Add to that Parker is a rather large expiring contract and this trade rumor’s origins become clear. I’ll give you a hint to their place of origin. It’s brown, stinky, and rhymes with Shad Cord’s Mass. I guess Ford is basically saying this will be Parker for the #10 pick. Murphy’s contract expires next year and Rush sucks enough to possibly be bought out (no other idea why the Spurs would want him). Pretty dumb way to rebuild right? Trade your best asset for the same position in the draft that has yielded the likes of Jarvis Hayes (in the loaded 2003 draft), Luke Jackson, and Mouhamed Sene.

Make it happen RC Buford!