The worst thing the Spurs could do this summer is on the table

The San Antonio Spurs are poised to make moves in various ways to improve their roster this NBA offseason, but they could always do the opposite of what fans want.
Victor Wembanyama, Brian Wright
Victor Wembanyama, Brian Wright / SUZANNE CORDEIRO/GettyImages

The San Antonio Spurs are in full control of their destiny at this point in the rebuild. The amount of capital in their possession is only secondary to the Oklahoma City Thunder. They have 13 first-round picks over the next seven seasons—a fact the Spurs are very aware of. But those aren't the only assets in their possession; every player on the roster, sans Victor Wembanyama, can be used to improve the roster.

The fact that guys like Keldon Johnson and Devin Vassell have shown that they can score in this league with relative consistency makes them valuable commodities, especially when you factor in their great contracts. Now, Vassell is not going anywhere, and that's the way it should be. He still shows a ton of potential and moving away from him would be extremely premature; if everything works as planned, he should be in San Antonio for the vast majority, if not all, of his career.

But there's no doubt that KJ should be on the move this offseason, and the Spurs should make additional moves to bolster the roster. A 22-60 record simply cannot happen again. But with all of these tools at their disposal, they could decide to run it back for one more season, giving the guys one more season to show they belong. That would be a major mistake.

Running it back should not be on the table for the Spurs

General Manager Brian Wright has said that all options are on the table this offseason. When analyzing what that may mean, you have to understand that doing nothing is considered one of those options. The organization really likes Keldon Johnson. He's a great locker room guy with a fantastic personality. He brings the energy to everything he does, he's active in the community and he always plays hard.

Unfortunately, that should not be enough. His value will never be higher than it is right now, while he's still only set to earn $17–19 million over the next three years. He'll be 25 in October, making him the perfect piece to add to many rosters, quite frankly. But his style of play doesn't fit with what the Spurs are building anymore.

This isn't a hit piece on Keldon Johnson. He can ball. But San Antonio needs to use him to add more to a roster that had too many holes last season. They need a point guard, a small forward who can space the floor and play some defense, and bench depth.

Not everything can be addressed at once but that doesn't mean you're fine to not address any of it in hopes of enough improvement to justify the decision to stay still. Hope is not a strategy. Use timing to your advantage. The picks, players' ages, and contracts in their war chest are currently arranged in a beneficial position to make a few moves now.