Why Josh Primo should start for the San Antonio Spurs

Josh Primo
Josh Primo / Ronald Cortes/GettyImages

Fans of the San Antonio Spurs finally got a chance to see what the team is capable of after three games. Although the team underperformed during their season opener against the Charlotte Hornets, they were able to bounce back with a win against the Indiana Pacers. Their third game saw the Spurs shock the Sixers in Philadelphia, sending the title favorites to 0-3.

During their first two games, a few players played well and did a ton for the Spurs to win. The prediction about Keldon Johnson is accurate. He's stepped up big time and is the new young leader of the team. In just three games, he's averaged 21.3 points, seven rebounds, and three assists. Devin Vassell is also one player that stood out to me. As KJ's partner on the wing, Vassell had early struggles during their game against the Hornets. Good thing he was able to bounce back from his poor performance and played effectively against the Pacers, and excellent against Philadelphia.

These two players are the only reliable floor spacers in the starting lineup. In two games this season, coach Gregg Popovich has used the same lineup of Tre Jones, Devin Vassell, Keldon Johnson, Jeremy Sochan, and Jakob Poeltl. Three out of the five starters can't consistently shoot, causing a ton of pressure on Vassell and Johnson. 

If the Spurs continue to use this starting lineup, many opponents could neutralize their wings. As the focal scorers of the team, both KJ and Vassell will continue to have games where the defenses would prioritize shutting them down. The best option for San Antonio is to replace their starting point guard, Tre Jones.

Starting Josh Primo could help take some pressure off the wings

While Tre Jones has more experience than Josh Primo, that doesn't mean he should start. Jones still hasn't proven that he can stretch the defense regularly. Putting Primo in the starting lineup could help spread the floor a bit. 

Although it's not the best option for the team, it's the safest solution for now. Coach Pop could also explore the possibility of starting Doug McDermott over Sochan. But that probably won't see the light of day anytime soon. 

Based on how Primo has played, we might not see him taking over the starting spot from Jones. So far, the former 12th overall pick has been turning the ball too much. It could be the reason why Pop chose Jones over him. Primo has averaged three turnovers in the Spurs' first two games. 

Coach Popovich's plan for Jeremy Sochan is exactly the right call. dark. Next

Nevertheless, I'm optimistic about having Primo play games alongside the other starters in the future. It may not happen this first month of the season, but I'm hoping Pop would try and explore this option.