Wembanyama will travel path to passing Manu Ginobili stat faster than you think

Victor Wembanyama has shown the world he's the real deal and his immeasurable talents give him a chance to pass Spurs fan favorite Manu Ginobili in a huge stat.
Manu Ginobili, Steve Kerr
Manu Ginobili, Steve Kerr / Ezra Shaw/GettyImages

Victor Wembanyama's trajectory toward surpassing Manu Ginobili for first in Spurs franchise history in three-point shots made will be faster than anticipated. While Ginobili's record-setting mark of 1495 threes has long stood as a testament to his shooting prowess, Wembanyama's midseason rapid rise suggests that he may eclipse this milestone sooner than expected.

Currently, Wembanyama sits at 128 threes made this season, showcasing his proficiency from beyond the arc despite shooting 32.5% overall. What's particularly impressive is his improvement throughout the season, notably elevating his shooting percentage from a modest 25.5% over the first 20 games of the year. He even shoots an absurd 37.5% on pull-up threes, which is unheard of for a player of his size.

Wembanyama's path to Spurs three-point leader is clear

In light of his average of just 30 minutes per game, Wembanyama's potential to increase his output is undeniable. If he maintains his current pace, it would take him until his 11th season to catch Ginobili—a respectable feat in itself. However, with the likelihood of his minutes and efficiency rising, along with an uptick in attempts, the prospect of him surpassing Ginobili by his eighth season becomes increasingly plausible.

At just 27 years old, when he reaches this milestone, Wembanyama's dominance from beyond the arc is poised to reach unprecedented heights. His ability to push the boundaries of what's achievable from long range will not only add to his solidification in Spurs history but also set a benchmark that future players will find daunting to match. Imagine the Alien as the most prolific three-point shooter in San Antonio's history because he very well may be on his way there.

As Wembanyama continues to dazzle with his shooting prowess, Spurs fans can only marvel at the prospect of witnessing him rewrite the franchise record books in record time. With each three-pointer made, he edges closer to etching his name alongside the greats of San Antonio's storied history.