Wembanyama tracker: Broken records, unique stats, and jaw-dropping performances

After Victor Wembanyama's stellar rookie season, we've created the Wembanyama tracker to account for all of his wild and unique performances.
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Victor Wembanyama's debut tour was nothing short of spectacular; regardless of the number of wins in the record book, it's clear that Wemby will dominate for a long time. From jaw-dropping highlights and statement takeovers to earning the respect of current and former legends of the game, Spurs and basketball fans have been able to pick up their popcorn and enjoy every time this guy is on the floor.

It's become clockwork for fans to say, "I've never seen that before," when watching Wembanyama play the game. Every night, he could do something that'd never been seen before. Which is why we've invented the Wemby Tracker! Any time Victor recorded an amazing stat, it was added to this page and now there is a long list of accomplishments that Wemby holds under his belt!

11/2/23 - Victor records 38/10/2 BLKS/1 STL on 50% from three

In Victor's fifth NBA game, against the Phoenix Suns, Wembanyama recorded a career-high 38 points, ten rebounds, two blocks, and one steal on 57.7% shooting from the floor and 50% from three-point range.

This would be the first unheard-of category in which Victor would cement himself among rookies who've recorded 35 points, ten rebounds, two blocks, and one steal on 50% from three. The French phenom would be the third to join Kevin Durant and Michael Jordan, who did it twice. This would be an introductory showcase of what Wembanyama could be capable of.