Wembanyama revelation shows why Spurs' strategy has been right all along

Victor Wembanyama sustained his injury during the Houston Rockets game, proving the San Antonio Spurs have been making the right decision with him all season.
Jabari Smith Jr., Dillon Brooks, Victor Wembanyama
Jabari Smith Jr., Dillon Brooks, Victor Wembanyama / Tim Warner/GettyImages

Sometimes you have to protect someone from themselves. If you watch movies and/or television, you have likely seen this concept in action on numerous occasions. People often want to do their best to show their abilities, their toughness, or their capability to accomplish things that are not necessarily in their best interest. It is the job of others to know when those times arise and intervene.

Sport is no different. Despite the boatload of players that will take a day off at a moment's notice to rest, there are still titans who want to fight through the terrain, no matter how dangerous the circumstances are. Victor Wembanyama is one of those titans, making the San Antonio Spurs' decision-making surrounding his minutes restriction genius from the beginning.

The Spurs have to save Wembanyama from himself

What fans should take from this tweet is that Wembanyama's drive to stay on the floor in an attempt to help his teammates in any way he can is very real. He will not tell the staff if he has an injury if he feels like he can still contribute to the game. The problem is that this is a lost season, and the Spurs do not benefit in any way from Victor aggravating his injuries. It is wise to sit him whenever he gets nicked up so the ailment does not get worse.

San Antonio has always had a progressive approach to taking care of their players when they're not 100%. It has led to an almost-pristine image of their medical team. Their reputation would be spotless if not for the Kawhi saga, but there's no need to rehash that chapter in the franchise's history.

Fans have been frustrated by the minutes' restriction, but Wembanyama's frame is still very slight, and recklessness gets the team nothing. Coach Popovich has been operating at the right frequency the whole time, and fans should know better than to question him.