3 quick reasons Zach Collins must stand out in Wembanyama's absence

Victor Wembanyama has been ruled out against the Sacramento Kings, so Zach Collins must step up for the San Antonio Spurs.
Victor Wembanyama
Victor Wembanyama / Tim Warner/GettyImages

The San Antonio Spurs went from an injury scare to an injury manifestation. But initially, the questionable status that was applied to Victor Wembanyama was about shoulder soreness. It would be preferential if that were still the case because shoulder soreness would likely require nothing but one game's rest. Unfortunately, the rookie picked up a different ailment entirely.

In the current era of the NBA, rest days come way too often. Despite the wealth of comfort built into their lives at every turn in comparison to their predecessors, players seem to play less. Wembanyama is not like that. He has been adamant about his desire to play as much as possible and he has done just that. Based on his track record, he will do everything he can to make it back on the court quickly but in his absence, Zach Collins will need to step up.

Zach Collins is in a unique situation

When San Antonio extended Collins, they intended to play him next to Wembanyama in the starting lineup. He struggled with the starters and he struggled with the bench unit, with a few B-minus performances sprinkled in. After two surprisingly good games versus OKC and Indiana, he found himself a non-factor in the loss to Houston. With Victor out, Zach has to show out for a few reasons.

Trust: Zach needs to prove to San Antonio that he can be relied on to play extended minutes without being a liability offensively.

Money: The Spurs may not be willing to pay Collins $16 million to come off the bench and play limited minutes if they don't feel like they'll get the production to justify it.

Confidence: The Gonzaga Bulldog has had a tough road in the NBA, and finishing the season strong would go a long way to boost his confidence but time is running out.