Wembanyama fights claim casual Spurs fans keep annoyingly making

There has been a conspiracy theory making its way around the San Antonio Spurs fan base since the beginning of the season and Wembanyama wants to clear the air.
Victor Wembanyama, Nick Richards
Victor Wembanyama, Nick Richards / Ronald Cortes/GettyImages

Remember when the narrative surrounding the San Antonio Spurs was that there was an apparent refusal to pass Victor Wembanyama the ball based on jealousy, selfishness, or whatever other reason some of the fans could make up? They were losing, and losing badly, so it's understandable to look for answers in the form of blame. Essentially, the accusations were saying the players were sabotaging the French Sensation, something that should have always been recognized as ridiculous.

As the highly-coveted rookie sensation, Wemby was never going to get the blame for the Spurs' horrendous start to the season, no matter what. The high expectations for a generational talent combined with an eager fan base set the bar sky-high for those around him by default. But after last night's performance, Wembanyama is looking to put the outrageous claims about his teammates to rest.

The Spurs' turnaround has been team-wide

Wembanyama was already ranked in the top 30 for usage rate, but that rate has increased recently. The addition of Tre Jones to the starting lineup has helped everyone settle into their roles. The results have been fun to watch as the Silver and Black have begun to come at teams in waves, reminiscent of Spurs teams. The bench unit has always been important in San Antonio, and they have been producing.

So let's put that silly notion to rest. It was always more likely that the reason Jeremy Sochan struggled to get his childhood friend the ball was about adjusting to a completely new role. To insinuate sabotage based on jealousy is to demean the character of The Polish Prince, and that goes for the rest of the team as well. Coach Popovich and the front office are intentional about bringing in ego-less players to foster a selfless culture. He's been successful at it for a long time, and that has not changed.