Fans on X give laughable take on Sochan and Wembanyama

The San Antonio Spurs season has been hard to watch, causing fans to lash out on social media with very outlandish and inflammatory takes.
Victor Wembanyama, Jeremy Sochan
Victor Wembanyama, Jeremy Sochan / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

Alright, now. Everyone who watches the San Antonio Spurs has watched the same games, but there seems to be an alternate reality that some can access that the rest are not privy to. Opportunity dictates those people apply to Marvel for a certain multiverse villain role they may be trying to recast. This organization has been known for professionalism, togetherness, and selfless personality over the years, but some, erroneously, seem to believe that has changed due to Wembanyama's popularity.

How quickly people forget who the first player to greet Wembanyama was when he arrived in the United States. Sochan and Wemby have known each other for years. Believing Jeremy has become Victor's silent hater two months into the season based on poor court vision from a newly assigned role is certainly a choice. It is not an educated choice, but it does have entertainment value.

Yeah, sure. Sochan could be unwilling to pass the ball to Wemby until you look at the passes dashboard under the tracking option on the NBA website and discover that Victor Wembanyama receives more passes from Sochan than any other player on the team.

The Spurs' issues are teamwide and no one player deserves the blame

After the Chicago game, Vassell was correct in his assessment of who owns the blame for missing the rookie phenom when he is wide open; they all are, and that includes Coach Gregg Popovich and the front office, who have been unable to get a competent starting point guard on a team that desperately needs one. If they aren't going to start Tre Jones, get someone else, and frankly, Jones would be a better long-term bench option anyway.

Fans are allowing their frustrations to spill onto the keyboard, projecting their anxieties on specific players not meeting their standards. Sochan is the same player who began shooting free throws one-handed to improve, despite knowing some might poke fun at him.

He does not care about perception; he wants to win, and he wants to work hard for his team. He deserves more respect than the character assassination that takes place on X when he misses passes, which almost every other player on the team misses.