A Way-too-early prediction of the Spurs' 2023-24 starting lineup

Devin Vassell, Keldon Johnson
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The All-Star break likely couldn't come soon enough for the San Antonio Spurs, who have lost 14 straight games in the lead-up to the extended hiatus. That gives them both the longest losing streak in franchise history and the NBA this season, placing them in a prime position to land a top-five pick in the 2023 Draft.

These prospects likely have fans daydreaming of the possibilities for next season and how the team might look if they land the number one or even the number two overall pick. How would Victor Wembanyama or Scoot Henderson look in a Spurs uniform? Or what if the team misses out on both prospects? What then?

Those are valid questions, which leads to another regarding what the team's starting lineup might look like next season. Let's try and guess just that with a way-too-early prediction of the Spurs' 2023-24 starting five.

Point Guard: Tre Jones

Entering this season, Tre Jones was viewed as a placeholder at point guard while backup Josh Primo continued to develop. Obviously, things have since changed, and Jones is far and away the team's best option at point guard right now.

That could change in the draft if the Spurs end up with the second pick and select Henderson, in which case the Spurs could re-sign Jones as his backup. That's as real a possibility as any, though for the sake of predictions, let's presume that the Spurs end up with a higher or a lower selection and opt to re-sign Jones in the summer. That may not be the most attractive option to some, but he's certainly proven to be a capable starter and has gotten better in the role as the season has progressed.

Jones may continue improving, though he's probably fairly close to his ceiling. Even then, many of his teammates aren't, and having a steady playmaker could aid their development and make the Spurs play better as a result. Therefore, Jones will likely remain a fixture in the starting five.