Wembanyama continues all-time rookie season with another historic stat

San Antonio Spurs center Victor Wembanyama is having a historic rookie season, and his recent accomplishment prompts a look into his true potential.
Victor Wembanyama, Tristan Thompson
Victor Wembanyama, Tristan Thompson / Jason Miller/GettyImages

The case for defensive player of the year candidacy continues for Victor Wembanyama. There is no expectation for Wemby to actually win the award because the team as a whole is not good enough to justify that outcome. However, the stats that this kid is putting up are legendary for a rookie.

The Spurs' lack of defensive capabilities has absolutely nothing to do with Victor Wembanyama. The shots blocked are one thing, the shots altered or discouraged are another. When Wemby is in the vicinity, many players are declining to challenge the 7'4 rookie.

Victor is producing on both sides of the floor at a historic pace. It makes one wonder how anyone can say he is no longer the favorite to win Rookie of the Year honors.

What is the true potential of Victor Wembanyama?

When you look at some of the things this 20-year-old player is doing to the history books, it makes you think about the claims made by some of the most respected minds in sports media before the 2023 NBA Draft. The vision that Wembanyama could morph into a top-5 player of all time is not hard to picture.

LaMarcus Aldridge recently advised Wembanyama to focus on perfecting one unstoppable move he can rely on consistently while also developing a countermove for situations when defenders manage to stop it. It is great advice. But Wembanyama may just be the ultimate weapon with the ability to develop multiple unstoppable moves. His height and fluidity afford him advantages never before imagined in real life. Maybe on NBA2K.

He was recently seen letting out a yell of frustration after the loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers, something you only do because you care. His determination to win is only matched by his desire to be great. Michael Jordan would say the ceiling is the roof, but there isn't a roof high enough.

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