What Wembanyama's primal postgame reaction says about the future

The latest 4th quarter collapse from the San Antonio Spurs led to an emotional reaction from Victor Wembanyama on his way to the locker room, but who is the source of his frustration?
Victor Wembanyama
Victor Wembanyama / Jason Miller/GettyImages

Whew! That was an experience! The San Antonio Spurs lose another heartbreaker to the Cleveland Cavaliers, 115-117, after a whirlwind of an ending. There was excitement and frustration all baked into the ending of that game, leaving a bitter taste in everyone's mouth from the resulting product. Noticeable in the game's aftermath was Victor Wembanyama's demonstration as he stormed off the court, letting out a frustrating yell seen in a now-deleted tweet.

These players want to win. You can tell from their recent energetic display that their desire to win is there, but desire alone does not translate into success. The team needs to execute better. That mess in the fourth quarter that led to a 15-2 was completely self-inflicted. It is easier to swallow the mistake-ridden, sloppy losses if you're winning some games too.

You would laugh off a close loss like this, crediting the team for making an 11-0 run to give themselves a chance to win a game that had so many hair-pulling moments. But when some of the same mistakes are costing the team so many games, you have a worse record than the previous year, it becomes tiresome.

The problem with the Spurs blame game

The Spurs players share in the blame for these losses. Wemby receives the most grace as he is the youngest on the team, but he also played professional basketball for two years before his arrival. He is not new to the nuance of high-level basketball. The dos and don'ts should be more apparent to him than to most rookies his age. That does not mean he should be playing like an established veteran, but it does mean he should be slightly better in certain situations.

Victor knows his role on this team is to be the guy. That is a responsibility he has not taken lightly. In the late possession that resulted in a turnover after a spectacular defensive play, Wemby can be seen closing his eyes to the ceiling in a reflective moment of disappointment. He knows he should have taken that shot. He is too big, he was too close to the basket, and the moment was too large for him to give that ball up.

If there is one thing the French Sensation has been consistent with, it's his commitment to holding himself to a high standard. Some fans think Wembanyama may be growing frustrated with the coaching staff, but that is highly unlikely. The more reasonable assumption is that Wemby believes he should be making more of an impact, translating to more wins and he will continue to work to make that a reality.